About the course:

Study time commitment: Short Course

Learning style: Classroom

Who is the course for: Executive

Course provider: Master Research Australasia

(CILT) Supply Chain – Putting It All Together

Course Outline

First there was physical distribution, then logistics, followed by integrated logistics and finally, today-“Supply Chain”. This course takes students on a one day journey of the development of supply chain theory and its leading practitioners and case studies exemplifying how it is practised.

In a typical supply chain raw materials are procured, items are produced, stored, shipped to warehouses and then onward to retailers or customers. Supply chain design is seen as providing a competitive advantage for companies. This course provides an overview of current supply chain management and design.

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduction to supply chain management
  2. Logistics network configuration
  3. Inventory Management and risk pooling
  4. The value of information
  5. Distribution strategies
  6. Strategic alliances
  7. International issues in supply chain management
  8. Coordinated product and supply chain design
  9. Classic case studies

Learning Outcomes

The course is based around a number of university level text books such as Simchi levi et al. Designing and Managing the Supply Chain.


1 day in Melbourne

Delivery Mode



Students need to have completed a course in logistics or supply chain management before enrolling in this course. It is high level, strategic and assumes an understanding of basic concepts in purchasing, transport, warehousing, inventory and logistics.


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