About the course:

Study time commitment: Short Course

Learning style: E-Learning

Course provider: Master Research Australasia

Key contact: Dr. David Wilson

(CILT) Statistics for Logistics

Course Outline

Introductory level course in elementary statistics assuming only knowledge of arithmetic. The course uses examples and applications drawn from transport and logistics. It proceeds at a relatively slow pace and uses Excel to apply formulae and test hypotheses.

Course Objectives:

  1. Introduction to statistics
  2. Descriptive statistics
  3. Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  4. Description of statistics using Excel
  5. Probability distributions, central limit theorem, law of large numbers
  6. Hypothesis testing
  7. Sample size determination
  8. Correlation and Regression
  9. Time series

Learning Outcomes

Use Excel to calculate means, standard deviations, create histograms of distributions, introduce normal distribution, test hypotheses, correlation and regression.

This is a stand-a-lone beginning quantitative subject specifically for students studying logistics and supply chain management. Students are encouraged to bring along data from their work place to use in statistical analysis along with a lap top computer with Microsoft Excel or their statistical calculators.


1 Day or 2 Half Days in Melbourne

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Introduction to Logistics


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