About the course:

Study time commitment: Short Course

Learning style: Industrial Logistics Institute

Key contact: Associate Professor Kim Hassall

(CILT) Purchasing Transport Services

Course Outline

This 2 Day program, “Purchasing Transport Services”, is one of two Institute programs that examines specialized aspects for purchasing freight Transport services.

This program aims to provide a business manager with tools and information when negotiating contracts for transport services including financial management, physical distribution modes, carrier mix, supplier evaluation and performance management.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes 

Attendees will be introduced to a number of important aspects when considering the purchase of, and/or negotiating Transport Services:

What is your business requirement?

  • Do you understand your business requirement?
  • Have you clearly articulated this in your advertisement?
  • Does it discuss any ‘out of the ordinary’ requirements?
  • Is it clear and concise for the respondents?

Considerations before advertising your requirement:

  • Analyzing the demand for your current and forecast future needs
  • Using of 1PL,2PL,3PL, or 4PL services or a combination
  • Using Multi / Intermodal Services
  • Use of specialized High Productivity Vehicles
  • Supplier and capacity considerations
  • Specials and overloads”
  • Collection, Delivery, Track and Trace and booking provisions
  • Supplier capability in handling of special items, such as medicine and explosives
  • Supplier’s ability to determine the most economic way to transport goods

Contract Management:

  • Evaluating bids and proposals submitted by potential suppliers
  • Supplier Selection Process
  • Determining the Length of a specific contract
  • Contract Escalators
  • Reliability and force majeure
  • Quality Assurance and Transport Certifications
  • Key Performance Indicators (which measures of performance for the supplier)
  • Payment Terms
  • Roles and Responsibilities under the contract for both parties
  • The importance of having a contract manager


2 days 

Delivery Mode 

Online and Face to Face (Pending Numbers Enrolled)


On Application 


Students should have a working knowledge of fleet management.

Commencement Dates 

24/7 or On Application


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