About the course:

Study time commitment: Short Course

Course provider: Institute for Sustainable Futures

Key contact: Laura Wynne

(CILT) Continuing Professional Development Course in Travel Planning

Course Overview

A short course introducing participants to travel planning for workplaces and precincts. Utilising a competency-based learning approach, the course will enable participants to develop travel plans to encourage active transport, public transport, and innovative car travel.

Course Objectives

  • Travel Plan Methodology
  • Travel Behaviour Change strategies
  • Sustainable Transport Principles
  • Effective communication with decision-makers in business and government
  • Regulatory frameworks for Travel Plans
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Applying Travel Plans to different sites (eg. workplace and mixed-use residential precincts)
  • Promoting Travel Plan initiatives

Learning Outcomes

This course enables participants to learn-by-doing through a series of interactive exercises that provide instruction on applying the Travel Plan methodology to a range of different sites (workplace and mixed-use residential). It provides insights and approaches to effective communication with key decision-makers, specifying Travel Plans as part of the regulatory requirements for development consent and on-going management, monitoring and evaluation. Course participants are eligible for CPD points with the professional bodies including PIA, CILTA, GBCA and AIA.