About the course:

Study time commitment: Full Time, Part Time

Learning style: Classroom, Distance Learning

Who is the course for: Executive, Manager, Postgraduate


The Level 2 Award in Customer Service and Marketing is designed to introduce learners to customer service and the principles of marketing. The qualification provides learners with an overall view of important roles played by the customer service, effective communications with the customers, as well as understanding the market together with the main principles of marketing. The programme aims to equip students with a solid foundation of knowledge on which they can build with experience.


The qualification consists of one mandatory unit:

Introduction to Customer Services and Marketing

The mandatory unit introduces the learners to the main principles of Customer Service and Marketing in logistics and transport. The learners will study the customer processes with particular focus on retaining customers and developing effective relationships with them.

The unit comprises the concept of the market, market segments and the importance of understanding customer requirements. Learners are also introduced to the concepts of developing a marketing plan, market research and the influence of the external environment on marketing.

Who the Level 2 Award is for:

The Level 2 Award is for the front line and supervisory staff in the logistics and transport businesses who deal with customers and would like to develop more efficient ways of communication to a wider audience.

How long does it take?

The recommended guided learning hours for this qualification are 40.

The registration period, during which a learner should complete the qualification, is one year.

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