About the course:

Who is the course for: Manager, Postgraduate

(CILT) International Advanced Diploma

The International Advanced Diploma aims to give senior managers and leaders strategic management and decision – making skills to enable them to aspire to the highest levels of management.

The International Advanced Diploma also includes organisational planning. Students are expected to become familiar with analytical concepts and to use them in their management role. They will be aware of ethical issues, sustainability, and global environmental issues. Students will develop skills and research methodology and importantly must produce a work – based project.

There are 4 core units which all students must complete:-

1. Strategic Management and Leadership.

2. The Strategic Environment for Logistics Transport.

3. Organizational Level Planning in Logistics & Transport

4. Research Methodologies  & Work-Based Project

Students who undertake the International Advanced Diploma should be aware that this involves 2 years of part – time study which includes a quality dissertation which has to be completed on a work based project.

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