About the course:

Study time commitment: Full Time

Learning style: Classroom

Who is the course for: Postgraduate

Status: Applied

Course provider: RMIT University

(CILT) Bachelor of Business Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Applied)

This four-year program prepares you to tackle business problems in the global marketplace and understand the complex world of logistics, supply chain and trade industries.

Areas you’ll cover include procurement and global sourcing, supply chain design and management, transport and freight logistics, warehousing and distribution and business IT and operations management.

You will build on your classroom learning through a compulsory industry placement undertaken during the third year.

The program consists of 28 taught courses including core business and supply chain courses, work-integrated learning courses, flexible courses, a one year compulsory industry placement and a business design project. The business design project in final year consolidates this practical experience, theory and your problem-solving skills.

Flexible courses can be selected from a business minor that is different from your major area of study, or a minor from another discipline, or from student electives.

Year 1

You will study 7 of the compulsory common business core courses plus 1 logistics and supply chain management major course.

Year 2

You will study the final compulsory common business core course, and focus on your major by studying 7 logistics and supply chain management courses covering transportation and freight logistics, warehousing and distribution, procurement management and global sourcing, business IT and supply chains, retail and service logistics and supply chain analysis and design.

Year 3

The third year involves a compulsory industry placement as part of the Cooperative Education program.

Year 4

After completing your industry placement, you will return for your final year of study. You will complete courses in your logistics major area of study, flexible courses, and the Business Design Project courses – capstone courses that bring together your theoretical learning from the first two years and your supervised work placement.

In the Business Design Project courses you will need to produce a brief that outlines a current or potential business issue. You must then reflect on theory, test creative solutions, communicate the issue; and demonstrate your ability to analyse and problem-solve in a coherent manner.

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