About the course:

Learning style: Face to face

Course provider: RMIT University

(CILT) Bachelor of Business Supply Chain and Logistics Management (Applied)

Course Outline

This course prepares students for a professional career in operations, logistics and supply chain management to meet the challenges of a rapidly globalising industry. Through a mix of teaching and learning methods, students will develop skills and acquire knowledge to deal with the interdependence of contemporary global and regional supply chain and logistics issues, and be able to apply them to manage operations problems in a global marketplace. The learning activities students will experience over the duration of the course may include problem-based analysis, hands-on interactive learning and project planning, in addition to face-to-face lectures, tutorials and seminars. The assessment used in the course may take a variety of forms, including formal examination, class-room quizzes, syndicated assignments, individual investigative projects, and case analysis. These activities are designed to prepare students to be work-ready and to train them to become independent and lifelong learners.

Students will also have the opportunity to directly apply these skills to a real work environment through a work-integrated learning scheme in Year 3 when they are attached to a company for a specific period to participate in the planning, organizing and management of logistics and supply chain operations.


Course Objectives

The course will prepare graduates with the required supply chain management and general business understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to immediately contribute to organisational objectives at the appropriate entry level. The course is built around eight dimensions of graduate capabilities resulting from a stakeholder consultation process.


4 Years


Current Year 12 Students ; Units 3 and 4 – study score of at least 30 in English (ESL) or at least 25 in any other English.

Delivery Mode


Course Code


Course Outcomes

  • Utilise generic business knowledge and capabilities.
  • Apply supply chain management principles and operational concepts.
  • Develop operations and integration processes.
  • Leverage material management knowledge.
  • Use of state-of-the-art distribution practices to implement strategic and operational concepts.
  • Improvise creative supply chain design and solutions.
  • Develop interpersonal skills to engage with others.
  • Apply teamwork and leadership capabilities.
  • Execute responsive and evidence-based decisions.

Commencement Dates

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