About the course:

Study time commitment: Full Time

Learning style: E-learning

Who is the course for: Undergraduate

Course provider: Open Universities Australia

(CILT) Bachelor of Business (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) – 2016


This course prepares you to solve business problems in the global marketplace and understand complexity in operations, logistics and supply chain industries. A broad-based curriculum in the course covers the design and management of supply chain practices such as inventory planning, procurement, production operations, transportation, distribution, warehousing, retail services, global logistics and supply chain technologies.

Teaching and learning approaches for this course may include: online learning activities, problem-based learning, assignments, projects, and communications with industry professionals. The types of assessment used in the course may involve formal examinations, assignments, case studies, projects, and online tests.

The course includes two capstone units Supply Chain Management Strategy, and Operations Management.This capstone experience will give you the opportunity to critically reflect on and consolidate your theoretical and practical learning in this course.

After successfully completing the course you will be eligible to work as a professional in a number of industrial sectors including: aviation, automobile, computing, manufacturing, mining, retailing, shipping, global, transport, distribution and warehousing. Job functions include procurement, inventory planning, operations management, operations research, and event organisations in both private and public sectors.

OUA Pathways

This course is an OUA Pathway course, which means there is a recommended series of units that, once successfully completed, can be credited towards this course.

OUA Pathway students also have the opportunity to study up to three free* preparatory units during their pathway studies. These units are ideal for students who either haven’t studied before or haven’t studied in a while, as they are designed to introduce them to online learning and what’s required to achieve academic success. Students can enrol in these units at anytime during their pathway studies.

*The three free preparatory units are PREP03 Preparing for University Learning Intensive and PREP04 Preparing for Academic Writing and PREP05 Basic Preparatory Mathematics.

Course Objectives

In this course you will develop knowledge and skills related to logistics and supply chain management and general business practice enabling you to immediately contribute to organisational objectives.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Apply broad theoretical and technical knowledge of business practice in diverse contexts.
  2. Integrate specialist theoretical knowledge with technical skills to provide in-depth professional advice related to business, logistics and supply chain management.
  3. Critically analyse and synthesise information to formulate effective business decisions.
  4. Apply reasoned judgements to solve problems in a variety of business contexts with reference to ethical, regulatory and global perspectives.
  5. Reflect on performance feedback to identify and action strategies for improvement.
  6. Communicate business data and concepts to professionals and non-professionals in diverse contexts.
  7. Apply an adaptive and collaborative approach to working with others in a variety of business and professional contexts.
  8. Integrate and apply professional theory with practice in authentic Work Integrated Learning (WIL) contexts.

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