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Emmanuel Zambo is a Congolese driver who has been driving long distance for over seven years. He says that truck driving has always been a tough job as

1 December 2020
Transaid workers in Zambia

CILT invited to take part in UK Government led Virtual Trade Mission to develop links with Universities and other higher education partners in Pakistan Facilitated by the UK

20 November 2020
UK and Pakistan Flags

CILT partnered the Central Asia Trade Forum to deliver our 14th International webinar on 'Covid-19's Impact on Regional Supply Chains – Strengthening Transport and Logistics Networks in Central Asia'.

19 November 2020 | Kazakhstan

“Without ships, more than planes I would say, the world would stop. Stop. Every shipment counts. They are more than just key workers, these people.”

17 November 2020 | International
Seafarers Delivering Christmas Logo

The Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the entire global supply chain and caused fluctuations in political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal systems around the world.

17 November 2020 | Sri Lanka

"It's an industry with a massive tailwind and a huge runway."

17 November 2020 | Australia
CILT Offical Coronavirus / COVID-19 graphic

International President calls for contributions from members on how our industry is responding around the world to Covid-19.

13 October 2020 | International

The next Best Practice Webinar will be on Global Compliance Gaps in Dangerous Goods Logistics and is scheduled for the 14th of October.

8 October 2020 | International
CILT Offical Coronavirus / COVID-19 graphic

My nature is such that when somebody offers a challenge I’ll take it.

6 October 2020 | International
An image of Gayani De Alwis

Chairperson pledges to make WiLAT the platform for Bangladeshi women in supply chain, logistics and transport industry to network and access opportunities for career advancement.

16 September 2020 | Bangladesh
WiLAT Bangladesh Launch Zoom call

"The world is an uncertain and unnerving place right now. Technological advancement is creating a perfect storm of disruption, changing the way we shop, eat, work and communicate." Sean Culey

26 August 2020 | International
Photo of Sean Culey

We aim to be at the forefront of logistics by providing leadership, professionalism and inclusivity through CILT Korea.

15 July 2020 | Korea
Meeting of the CILT Korea Team