I am very proud to be Director of Business Development for the Future Logistics Partnership: South India Project. Spending fifteen years in Project Management, working in a diverse range of sectors including Healthcare, Telecoms, and Power, as well as on Road and Rail Infrastructure projects, has sharpened my skills and increased my capacity to deliver.

My experiences as Head of Operations at the School of Logistics Management and Technology have reinforced my opinion of the importance of education both in our industry and in the wider economy. CILT are perfect partners for us. They have a wealth of knowledge and international experience that will prove invaluable to all those working in the transport and logistics industry in South India. Our partnership is a great step forward for our regional and national economies.

Doing real, valuable work that improves people’s everyday lives gives me immense satisfaction, and I am always proud to see projects I have been a part of continuing to add to the community. I look forward to a bright future working closely with CILT.